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Complete Tree Removal Service

Whether dead or alive, when trees outlive their usefulness, we are here to take them down. We have the equipment and experience to render complete tree removal service on your property or trim them to an appropriate length. For those hard-to-reach limbs and branches, our bucket truck allows us to remove damaged and hazardous branches up to 65 feet up your tree.

Cut Down Overgrown Trees

While trees provide comfortable shade and a great feature for yards in Southern Maine, if left unchecked, tree branches and roots can go hog-wild on your property. If your foliage is overgrowing into your septic systems or over decks, porches, and other structures on your property, we can cut down the hazardous parts. Our tree trimmers can even leave you with wood or brush for your fireplace. Most tree removals can be completed in one day depending on the job or client requests. Unfortunately, we do not offer relocation services at this time.

Remove All Traces of a Tree

Once a tree has been felled properly, a stump is left behind. You can get rid of any trace of a tree by taking advantage of our stump grinding service. Our workers will come to your location and grind stumps below the ground grade and bury it. It's up to you to determine whether you want us to leave the wood chips for you to use to smoke baby back ribs at your next barbecue or completely remove them and clean up the area. In addition to eliminating the presence of a stump, we can add grass seed to grow over the site of your former tree.

Removing a Tree
Hauling Trees With a Company Vehicle

Clear a Lot for New Development

Although daunting at first, building a home can be an exciting life-changing experience. Where you see thick growth and a forest of trees, we see the opportunity for development. With our land clearing service, you have a blank slate to build the home of your dreams and a clear horizon to marvel at every morning. Trust Pork Chop Tree Co, LLC to prepare your lot for a new home foundation.