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Preventative Measures Prevent Damage

Branches and trees can be a burden to your property if they are overgrown. A severe storm can disrupt your power and other conveniences, knock down even the strongest trees, and make your yard look like a pigsty. Let us trim unnecessary growth before it becomes a hassle and causes damage to your home.

Fallen Tree

Remove Branches from Your Utilities

Reliable utility lines depend on the environment that surrounds them. Ensure your electrical, cable, and phone lines will stay in working order by clearing tree limbs that are growing around them. For your safety, we recommend calling the professionals at Pork Chop Tree Co, LLC to clear utility lines on your property. In fact, our owner has 18 years of experience working with the power company and is certified to remove branches that surround power lines. Depending on the job, we can usually provide these services in one day, reaching difficult and hard-to-reach branches that have invaded your service lines.

Saving Homes from Fallen Trees

You can't be too safe after a storm roars through your neighborhood, which is why you should leave storm damage cleanup to the professionals at Pork Chop Tree Co, LLC. We remove fallen trees from your property, including those that have dropped onto your home and vehicle or crashed through your windows. Debris from trees including loose branches, sticks, and leaves make your yard look cluttered and unappealing. We'll clean up the grounds, break down damaged trees and branches into firewood, and make your yard look as good as new.